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Apartment Netflix & Chill: Top 10

Are you tired of flipping through your Netflix account wondering what to watch next? Have you ever spent at least 20-30 minutes searching through 100s, if not 1000s of Netflix libraries of movies and TV series? Have no fear, we have it all narrowed down for you. Leave the searching to us. Gather your favorite snacks, get settled in some cozy lounge wear and let the quarantine binge begin.

Lone behold, the magical internet (aka, has blessed us with Today’s Most Popular Shows and Movies to add to your watch list.

1. ‘Tiger King’

2. ‘Ozark’

3. ‘The Big Show’

4. ‘Angel Has Fallen’

5. ‘Money Heist’

6. ‘All American’

7. ‘Coffee & Kareem’

8. ‘Legacies’

9. ‘Nailed It!’

10. ‘Community’

Now, gather your popcorn, cozy up and start from the top (or the bottom, even the middle) and get to watching. Happy Netflix and binge!


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